Referring A Friend is Really Easy

If you have previously lodged your visa using AHWC Immigration Law (formerly Australia Here We Come) and you believe we are the best migration agents in Australia, you can now earn rewards by sending your friends our way.

For every referral who lodges their application with us, you will receive $150, and they will receive 5% off their professional fees when they engage our services.

That’s a win/win situation for you AND your friend.

If you have someone in mind already, just fill in the form below with both your details and we will contact them.

Alternatively, you can tell them to call us on 1300 887 818, say your name, and we will book them in for a consultation or they can book in themselves here.

We know a lot of our clients feel very strongly about our service and it’s always wonderful to hear that they have raved about us being the best migration agents in the business. It means a lot to us that they have trusted us with their futures and we are humbled to be instrumental in peoples lives. If this is you, thank you.



  1. Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer? No, you can refer as many people as you like. For every person/s who uses our services, you will receive $150 back, and they receive 5% off our professional fees when they engage our services.
  2. When do I receive the $150 and how will I receive it? We will transfer you $150 straight into your account as soon as we have lodged the application for your friend. This way, you can use that money for anything you choose.
  3. Does it apply to all visa types? It applies to everything other than visitor visas, working holiday visas and employer sponsor visas where the nominating employer is an existing client of ours.
  4. I referred a friend prior to the beginning of the referral program, can I get cash back? Unfortunately not, the start date of this referral program is 10th December 2018 so the referrals must be made after that.
  5. How long does this referral program run for? There is currently no end date to our referral program.
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Refer A Friend

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